"Your Gay Dance Teacher" Signature Workshops:

"Heal 2 Help: Introduction to Nervous System Regulation and Recovery" 

Do you feel heaviness in your chest? Depression? Anxiety? Stomach pains and nausea? Physical pain? These are physical symptoms of nervous system dysregulation.


Would you like your mind to slow down? Breathe. Let's find clarity together.


Panicked nervous systems lead to panicked decisions, which can consume valuable time. In this state of chronic stress and collective trauma, we need clarity in order to access our medicine, our magic, our intuition, our vision for highest healing. To do that, we need to find our breath, regulate our nervous system, and heal ourselves so we do not inflict harm on those we are trying to support.


"Move Your Body, Heal Your Soul: Feel-Good Movement for Every Body"

Do you want to feel in your body?

Do you crave healing movement but don’t know where to start? 

Join Your Gay Dance Teacher, Harmony Lee (he & they), for a beginner dance workshop with no steps, no choreo, and no cameras. In this workshop, we will practice movements which facilitate healing from trauma and emotional pain, while increasing embodiment. This class will be 50% discussion/reflection and 50% movement, which can be done from seated, lying down, or standing. Dress up in what feels good! This is your time to play!


“Virtual Recess: Play Time for Healing”

Do your kids want to play?

Does your inner child want to play?

Do you need a break from being a grown-up?

Join Harmony Lee (he & they), for playful movements that help kids of all ages heal from stress. We will use gentle movement, interactive games, and breath to feel our best. Class can be done with kids, friends, and family, or individually. Play promotes learning, creativity, and trust, while reducing stress and anxiety. You deserve to play! See you at recess!

Click to request a workshop!  Offerings available for teams, organizations, and communities of all ages and backgrounds. Let's dance!