Preview Audio Book: 7 Days of Embodied Movement

Preview Audio Book: 7 Days of Embodied Movement

Author and "Your Gay Dance Teacher" Harmony Lee narrates "7 Days of Embodied Movement" with love and care. 


In each "Day" of this practice, Harmony will guide you through an intention, recommended song, movement prompt, reflection questions, and affirmations. 


🌈🎉Do you want to dance, but don't know where to start?🎉🌈


🌟"7 Days of Embodied Movement" was created for the absolute beginner seeking embodiment and affirming support in their dance journey. Great for both kids and adults!


😓 Before dance was an Industry, dance was our universal language. What happened?


😠 Why do so many of us think we are "not a dancer"? Commodification of bodies, perfectionism, marginalization, racism, ableism, and fatphobia run rampant in dance culture, creating a perfect storm for depression, anxiety, body image issues, and more. Many dancers who don't "fit the mold" simply quit. I know. After 1 year of formal dance training, I had to remove myself from the program to find myself again.


But it doesn't need to be this way. Each prompt contains:

  • non-judgemental guidance
  • simple intentions
  • suggested music
  • and affirmations for you to take at your own pace, based on your access needs.


👯 What does that mean? This book is designed to be 100% do-able for every body. You can take your mind off of "correctness" and attend to connection. No choreography and no steps mean you can embody the music exactly as you feel. After 7 days of dancing like yourself, I hope you will feel alive, creative, and inspired to explore dance on your own terms.


💖 Dance is our birthright. As children, we were born with an innate connection to dance. Our first wiggles and bounces were evolutionary competency to join the social group. We can re-learn how to access this freedom of movement by un-learning the exclusionary tenets of dance. 


🌍 If the whole world started dancing again, I believe we could move as one to restore balance and peace. To do that, we need more dancers like you.



Accessibility FAQ's: 

Q: I have limited mobility. Will I be able to dance?

A: Yes. These prompts are intended to be accessible and adaptable. I encourage you to use mobility devices, supports, props, and anything else you need to access your range of motion effectively.


Q: I have low energy and get fatigued. Will I be able to keep up?

A: If you are mindful of the energy you expend, all these prompts are set to your own pace. There is no one else to keep up with. If you want to dance but do not have the energy to move, that’s okay. You can listen to the music and dance in your head, or tap along with the rhythm. I hope you will find the right fit for your needs. Each prompt corresponds to one song, varying between 2-4 minutes apiece.


Q: I have chronic pain that impacts my movement. What should I do?

A: I encourage you to explore movement that feels good for you, in whatever form that takes. There are infinite ways to do these prompts. Take breaks as often as you feel, and I hope you find some relief in these movements.


Q: I want to try dancing, but I can’t afford this book. What should I do?

A: Please send me an email at with subject line “Financial Access Needed”.


Q: Is this book offered in audio book format or other languages?

A: Yes and audio book is available, but I don't have the book in other languages. I’m hoping to offer more options in the near future. I apologize for this limitation in accessibility.


    © 2019 by Harmony Lee